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CHARD has three decades of experience

creating exciting interior spaces.

Our approach involves more than superficial decoration. While well-considered aesthetics remain at the heart of our work, we believe effortless functionality is just as important to an environment’s impact and enjoyment. 

Our interior design projects are guided by a consistent methodology: thorough research, interaction, feedback, collaboration and strategic design, are used to ensure we deliver sustainable and engaging outcomes that are always innovative and timeless. Much of our interior design work is event based, so we are experts in interpreting and translating brands into 3D immersive experiences.

CHARD has worked closely with the Australian Open for 15 years, bringing their corporate hospitality spaces to life. We consider everything the guest sees, smells and hears, to create immersive, fully engaging spaces. The ten pop up corporate spaces at this year’s Australian Open ranged from exclusive VIP experiences to large restaurants accessible to the public.

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