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Australian Open 2020

ATE was the home of Tennis Australia. Our solution created an expansive layout that mirrored that of a luxury private residence. Spaces included a Garden Terrace, Den, Lounge, Kitchen Bar, Lobby and various breakout Balcony areas.

CHARD has worked closely with Tennis Australia for more than 15 years,

bringing their important VIP spaces to life. We consider everything the guest sees, smells, touches and hears, to create immersive, fully engaging spaces. Rooms are developed to develop strong and lasting associations that connect guests and client.


Client: Tennis Australia

Build: Flipside Creative

Photographer: Armelle Habib

Furniture: Dann Event Hire and Harry the Hirer

Planting: Nathan Burkett Design

Florals: Hattie Molloy

Drapes: Annette Saker

Carpet: RC+D

Catering: The Big Group


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