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Australian Open 2022

Penfolds Bistro was one component of a three part suite of rooms created for Tennis Australia and Treasury Wines at Australian Open 2022. 


The threshold to the suites appeared like the front door of a domestic home challenging the standard user dining experience and turning it on its head. Once guests entered they found the suite split in two, Penfolds Bistro with its ‘renovated’ vintage feel on one side, and, The Grange a luxurious space-age dining experience on the other. The two spaces were dynamically different and the juxtaposition of one against the other created a never-ending dichotomy which made each and both of them stronger.




Client: Tennis Australia

Build: Red Exhibitions

Photographer: Armelle Habib

Furniture: Dann Event Hire and Harry the Hirer

Planting: Nathan Burkett Design

Florals: ByAzumi

Drapes: Annette Saker


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