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"If I can design a space, a project or an event that can transport someone away from reality and give them a special experience with a long last memory,

then I feel my job is done"

-Gary Chard-

CHARD International has been working closely with brands, from boutique companies through to major 

international brands, creating immersive events and interior design for over 25 years. It is the creative vision of Director, Gary Chard, a veteran of exclusive and innovative event design creation, production and interior design. Gary has created immersive sensory experiences for expos, international arts and fashion festivals, global sporting events, high end product launches, exhibitions and luxury interiors.

CHARD International’s philosophy is born of Gary’s passion for art, design and creative solutions. We’re fascinated with the way colours, textures and spaces affect people and use this knowledge to create truly memorable experiences. We love to see your identity, your imagination, your brand, come to life.

CHARD International are experts at creating temporary spaces that feel permanent. This is our strength and what makes us different in the event design market.

CHARD International is based in Melbourne and Madrid, operating in a collaborative manner and working with a broad range of artists, designers and builders depending on the requirements of the brief - allowing the team to be fully adaptable to the needs of the project. Our comprehensive knowledge of the international interiors industry and global arts scene, coupled with our passion and attention to detail, results in projects of the highest standards. We dedicate ourselves to a small but significant client range, allowing us to have a unique focus and dedicate ourselves completely to the project.

We don’t just build spaces, we create experiences…

we don’t just design interiors, we realise dreams…

we don’t just sell products, we trade in emotions and memories.

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